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Hello! My name is Emma! I am an author, community stakeholder, entrepreneur, “Conscious Executive Officer,” founder, and owner of Manifest Vibes Productions, a conscious multimedia company, executive producer of the Brilliance podcast (on Spotify, Apple, and more platforms), owner and founder of Manifest Vibes Productions. MVP coaching services specializes in empowering and mentoring conscious creatives and entrepreneurs to create fulfilling lives and businesses.

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Emma brings a unique perspective to the table with her background in behavioral sciences, globalization, art and design, content management with major entertainment corporations, and over 16 years of spiritual practice. Despite facing challenges from a neuromuscular disorder and brain injury, Emma has learned from meditation masters, shamans, and other thought leaders. Her creative, spiritual, and business mentors have guided her to become a Spiritual Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author, and she is here to lend her expertise to help you accomplish more with less effort and energy.

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Written into Reality: The Art of Co-creating Your Dreams to Life (on Amazon and Barnes and Noble) is the locally and internationally celebrated book by Pacific Northwest based, globally-travelled author, Emma Bennett. A compelling read full of ah-has, Bennett connects the concept of Law of Attraction to the simple attunement to the energy of life and the soul, artfully folding in meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, neuroscience, and the higher path of conscious evolution.

“Emma’s sparkling prose achieves a degree of communication with the reader in a manner few other writers of this genre can claim. Her spirit soars like the ideas she purports. Learning of her own journey to enlightenment adds to the credibility of her recommendations for truly seeking awareness.” — Grady

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Elevate Your Consciousness.

Everything is possible for you. How does this statement make you feel? This feeling state is your connection to limitless possibilities, to Source. Your nervous system, the cellular energy of your mitochondria, the energy of your life, is your direct pipeline to the Universe. How in or out of touch you feel with this determines how in or out of synchrony you are energetically.

Are you feeling stuck, lost, or uncertain about your path in life? Are you looking for your aligned tribe of rebel co-creators?

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by negative self-talk, doubts, and fears that seem to hold you back from pursuing your goals and dreams? If so, I want to share some powerful insights with you that can help you break through these challenges and tap into your inner strength and wisdom.

First off, you are not alone. Many of us have experienced moments of uncertainty or self-doubt, and it's completely normal to feel this way from time to time. The good news is that there is a way out of this sinkhole, and it starts with knowing who you are.

Your soul, your absolute true self, is the animating force that gives you the spark of consciousness and makes you feel a bigger sense of purpose. By connecting with your inner self and doing some soul-digging, you can gain clarity on your intentions and leverage your way from uncertainty to where you want to be.

Of course, this is easier said than done. It may take some time and effort to clear out the rubble that's blocking your light from shining through. But the effort is worth it, and it all starts with a willingness to inquire into the nature of yourself.

As you do this work, you'll start to notice a shift in your mindset. The negative self-talk, doubts, and fears that once held you back will start to lose their grip on you, and you'll develop a more positive and empowering mindset that allows you to take inspired action towards your goals.

Take some time to do some soul-searching and self-inquiry. Ask yourself what wants to be expressed through you and what truly matters to you. Connect with your inner self and tap into the energy of your soul. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you approach life with greater strength and wisdom. If you're feeling stuck or uncertain about your path, let's work on this together.

Remember, you have the power to create the life you want. It all starts with knowing who you are and tapping into your inner strength and wisdom. Delve into Emma’s wisdom through her coaching, podcast, book, and email offers for support, inspiration, guidance, and a loving swift kick in the butt to motivate you to manifest the aligned AF life & prosperity you know is meant for you.

Emma Bennett specializes in teaching entrepreneurs and business owners how to achieve neurologically sustainable productivity and psychologically ethical sales, marketing, branding, and content creation. Our approach is rooted in helping them align their mind, body, and soul to create the best work-life balance they've ever experienced.

Emma Bennett, brings a unique perspective to the table with her background in behavioral sciences, globalization, art and design, content management with major entertainment corporations, and over 16 years of spiritual practice. Despite facing challenges from a neuromuscular disorder and brain injury, Emma has learned from meditation masters, shamans, and other thought leaders. Her experiences have led her to become a Life & Creative Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author, and she is here to lend her expertise to help you accomplish more with less effort and energy.

Emma can offer strategies and ways to use tools and systems to create authentically online. Even if you've used Canva, Chat GPT, IG automation programs, and all the content management systems in existence, Emma's unique approach to teaching tech tools surprises even those who think they've been in the know. Her coaching unleashes your flow, helps you feel safe to open up, and empowers you to create from the heart, voice your authentic truths with ease, and feel seen.

Emma also offers spiritual strategies to stay aligned, regulated, and in an optimal flow of energy, backed by behavioral sciences and a lifetime's worth of transformative experiences. Emma has studied with Tibetan meditation masters, Hawaiian shamans, reiki, pranayama, and qigong masters, as well as neurolinguistics, psychobiology, world religions, art history, political science, and cultural anthropology.

Join your tribe of rebel co-creators today and experience the power of spiritual integration for yourself. With Emma’s coaching and the support of like-minded others, you can achieve your greatest levels of success, express yourself with ease, create fearlessly, and manifest the life + purpose work you know deep down is meant for you.

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Your Kind Words of Appreciation

“Emma weaves magic with her words, her energy and her wisdom. Her encyclopedic knowledge resides at the intersection of brain science, personal development, marketing, spiritual teachings and real life experience from the school of hard knocks. Her intuition-led coaching style gently guides and invites self reflection, empowering each individual to discover their own path and their own unique way of sharing their gifts... I call it ‘Soul alignment on steroids’.” — Tammy

"The best thing about working with Emma is how comfortable she makes you feel. As well as the vast amount of knowledge she has that is so helpful in pointing you in the right direction." — Joy

“I felt inspired and uplifted. The best thing was Emma’s enthusiasm, acceptance, and encouragement! I would recommend Emma for sure. No doubt she will be behind you a thousand percent.” — Elizabeth

“I've found clarity in so many areas of my life. Especially my business and finding a way I can share my message in a way I can fully stand behind. It's brought me to tears and has let my heart feel safe and open again.” — Dana

“That was amazing. It all resonated deeply, was encouraging, and very helpful… I have chills. This was so relevant. Thank you so much. :)” — Diana

“I felt motivated to get more involved with my meditation practices.” — Isaac

“I felt very uplifted in your presence.” — Lucy

“I feel so seen! You are giving so much, it’s incredible. I don’t know how you are giving this much energy.” — Sherri

“There are ways that you teach concepts that I feel like I knew about but not in the way that you present them. What you are doing is going to be big.” — Theresa

What do you know about manifesting? Chances are, you have read books and articles, seen countless social media posts, SEO ranked results, paid advertising snippets, tried courses and seminars, and watched lots of YouTube videos. You have probably read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and heard of Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra, and Gary Zukav. I am here to teach you what no one tells you about manifesting the life, work, and soul purpose you truly desire and love. It all begins with that love you feel for what you know deep down is meant for you. I want to help you to connect with that powerful feeling state that will propel you further than anything else.

Learn more about how learning about manifesting is really about expanding deeper and further into your true self.

Take the Manifesting Masterclass

What do you want to manifest?

Chances are, itʼs not just time and location freedom, money, career, or relationships — it is how you desire your life to be that you truly want to manifest.

What I do is teach people how to manifest the life and work of their dreams to support maximal thriving so they can feel their spirits soar and feel in touch, or as Esther Hicks calls it, “Tapped in, tuned in, turned on.”

How would life be if you felt like THAT most of the time??

I came to wonder this for myself during my traumatic brain injury recovery journey, which I am still on.

The most important thing that I have learned about manifestation, which I am so excited to teach you all about, is how to stay connected to your essence, which is your direct pipeline to Source. If you love watching and reading Abraham Hicks materials, you know that this is called being in the “Vortex.”

In My Introductory Create the Life You Love Course, I Will Teach You How to Get There.

But staying there will be your work.

It is like the whole point and purpose of meditation practice. You fall off, you get back on. You get distracted, you pull back again. Again, and again, and again, until you master the art of coming back, of staying power, and it becomes automatic and habituated for you to come back into the Vortex, the state of alignment with your Inner Being — no matter what pulls you out of it or how hard you get knocked out of it.

That is why I teach this course. Because this is what no one else teaches. The staying power, the continuity of not just manifesting what you want for immediate gratification, but for the rest of your life. This is my mission and what my work teaches people to do, using a time-tested proven combination of psychobiology, spiritual practice, and lived experience.

This 8-week course is basically like Getting into the Vortex 101. It is a wonderful introduction to my teachings that you can easily follow along with and put into practice to see the results straight away. I am so thrilled for you to dive into the goodies I have for you!

You Are Meant for More and You Know It

At the heart of everyoneʼs innate desire to manifest lies a map of Soul Purpose nestled within all of our hearts and a deeper desire to expand into the fullest expression of self and life.

My specialty is being a Seer. When people work with me, the most common thing I hear from clients is, “Oh my gosh, I feel so seen!” I am able to pierce right through to the truth. This can be triggering for people when they are not ready for it and still are tender and vulnerable around their unhealed parts. My clients find me when they have done their healing work and are absolutely brave and brilliant, capable and willing to face and calm the ultimate dragons that lie within themselves, their trigger-prone nervous systems.

If you wish to work with me to manifest your visions and dreams for your life, work, relationships, freedom, and to become your most empowered and expanded self, book a call with me to learn more about current offerings. Please note, I am a disabled entrepreneur. I have limited availability for masterminds, speaking engagements, and one-on-one client work. I appreciate your understanding very much.

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